COVID Catch-up Funding

What is Catch-up funding?
Pupils across the UK have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of the COVID-19. The Government has provided £1 billion of funding to ensure that schools have the support they need to help pupils catch up with their education.

It is important that we take appropriate steps to ensure that we support our pupils in catching up with their education. We recognise those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds have been amongst those hardest hit. The impact of lost time in education has been substantial and we have implemented the following teaching and whole school strategies:

We believe that high-quality teaching is the most effective way of supporting our pupils to reach their potential.

Teaching and Whole School Strategies
Students are assessed half-termly to track their reading and literacy development. This allows the identification of students who require additional support to compensate for time lost. Individual interventions are then planned by subject specialist staff. Additionally, our literacy focus is embedded in both our formal and wider curriculum through areas such as form time literacy activities, half-termly focus on literacy development. This is supported by a programme of CPD focussing on effective teaching strategies and classroom management.

Targeted Support
Targeted students are provided with 1-2-1 catch up tutoring sessions with external tutoring staff, funded by the Government’s National Tutoring catch-up programme. Where appropriate, students are supported through placements with external providers such as Lambourne End’s outdoor activity and learning centre.

Wider Strategies
RAP has taken advantage of the Government scheme to provide laptops to schools for students to use to access remote learning, ensuring that all students are able to continue learning uninterrupted if they are self-isolating.


Download a copy of our Covid catch-up statement here.