Journey into Data Science

On Tuesday 18th October 2022, pupils at RAP were lucky to have a guest speaker come in to speak about her journey into Data Science. Ifeoma graduated with a First Class in Economics and Management and completed a Masters in Digital Innovation Management. The students attending SSP (Short Stay Provision) and Year 10 and 11 RAP students listened to the advice from Ifeoma and participated in a discussion about soft skills, curiosity, programming and pathways into this particular field. Here’s some student responses:

“I gained the opportunity to learn more about coding. I did not know coding was so easy. I thought coding was really complicated however, Ifeoma made it easy to understand how to get into the career by using programming”​

“It is nice to see a woman who in the technology world. That is quite inspiring for girls who think that boys are meant for technology and gaming.”

“I didn’t know the stuff we learn in maths, you use it in coding and programming, I always used to think the stuff we learn in school is useless, but actually you need and use it in jobs.”