Life Creations Workshop

Life Creations were an organisation that came in and delivered a workshop to our Year 7 and 8 pupils and worked with them to explore topics such as identity, values, aspirations, talent and skill. Through this workshop our pupils explored and began to discover who it was that they truly were. The workshop consisted of two parts (two hour sessions each) spanning across two weeks. In the first week they worked both independently and together in finding out what made up their identity, and what their purpose was in life. The team were excellent at motivating the students and opening their eyes to their own self value, the role they played in their own lives, and the lives of others. Through this they discovered what it was that made them who they were, and how their differences made them unique and special and their own skills and talents which they previously didn’t identify as “special” or unique but now did. It was a great team building exercise as they played guessing games such as “two truths and one lie” whereby they had to identify each others hidden talents. Students mentioned finding these tasks “great, I really enjoyed it” and “cool, because I learned what I am good at and how I can use it when I’m older”.
Through discovering these aspects of their identity and discovering their unique skill sets and talents they now got to the second week of the workshop and began on making their own business plans. The students worked hard and created excellent business plans very much in style with Dragon’s Den pitches and really expressed themselves imaginatively and thought very outside of the box. The students were very proud of themselves and felt that these plans were able to “do, because its easy to start from your house and then int he future you can start selling int he shop” or that they would work as they were “good at selling things, so I could also sell cars in the future or houses, if I was in real estate”. Some of our students created business which would benefit their community because it was “female friendly, no men so women could feel comfortable and relax because they work so hard all day, and we don’t have that for my community”. Overall the workshop was amazing at really getting our students thinking about what makes them great and how to display this to the rest of the world.