Photography Trip

Students were invited to attend a workshop where they were given the opportunity to build their very own pinhole camera’s as well as then develop their photographs.

They were able to construct their own individual camera’s using a paper net to create a 3-D box. They were taught how the box is constructed to capture light and create a photograph of any object, using the correct exposure time.

During the trip they were invited to attend the Light Haus Joanne Tyler exhibition, which showcased pieces of Art innovatively created from free resources sourced from Redbridge. The children were then given the opportunity to meet the photographer and get an insight into their field of work and life. By the end of the trip students had successfully constructed their own cameras and both developed and produced their very own prints taken from photographing their local parks here in Redbridge.

The experience enabled the students to learn new skills as well as understand how they aren’t limited to creating Art, it is all about experimenting with the free sources within your local area, and producing refined work from minimal resources. The experience was overall insightful for students and enabled them to not only increase their skill set but also have the opportunity of attaining a Bronze Art’s Award, at the completion of this trip.