This year 2023 has proved a very productive and successful year on the RAP allotment. We currently have growing: -sweetcorn, parsnips, potatoes, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes and purple carrots and other vegetables.

Most of the vegetable plants have been planted, grown by seed and cared for by the students at RAP. This helps the students to know how food is produced, as well as how to live sustainably, given today’s rising supermarket prices.

One benefit is that the students have created this allotment themselves, and made a nurturing natural growing environment. Another advantage to students and staff is the mental well-being associated with working an allotment. The students have certainly enjoyed watering in this hot weather.

Currently, the BTEC Catering department is cooking with fresh garlic, potatoes, onions from the allotment. Students dig up the freshvegetables and use them to cook.

Looking ahead next year we plan to conserve more water and will install a water conservation system using water barrels to save rainwater.

Recently a gRAPevine has been purchased. This will produce green grapes every summer for years to come. Hence, the title of this first

GRAPevine newsletter.

Finally, our thanks go to Mr Faucher who will be watering the allotment over the summer holidays for us.