Year 11 Reward Trip!

We had a fantastic day with our Year 11 students, who have worked so hard this year. We began the day with a fantastic breakfast and had lots of laughs watching the students try to flip their own pancakes! With full stomachs we headed off to Mayhem Paintball, there was such great energy in the air and we were all getting excited and planning our warfare tactics! The students represented RAP extremely well and were friendly and polite to the wonderful staff at Mayhem. With the teams decided and nerves mounting we hit the battle field. We played six different games with different goals such as Capture the Flag and Protect the President, where the students really shone and showcased their creativity, team work and athletic abilities!
All students made myself and Mr Green very proud with the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout the day. It was an exhilarating day out which created treasured memories! Well done year 11, what an absolute pleasure!