Short Stay Provision – SSP – provides an opportunity to reflect upon behaviours, deepen independent learning and receive support through mentoring. On the first day of placement the student and parent/guardian will be invited in to discuss the behaviours that challenge that have led to the mainstream school requiring the SSP placement as a last intervention. Often this means that previously tried interventions within the mainstream setting have been exhausted. The SSP placement provides a period of time (dependent on the behaviours that challenge and the seriousness of the incident or incidents) to reflect, reframe and re-integrate in a more positive, informed and respectful manner.

Students are provided with a timetable and structure to complete work independently. Each student receives their own folder, complete with worksheets in all core subjects. KS4 students are provided with the use of a laptop so they can complete work sent by the subject teachers, so as not to fall behind during the time of their exclusion.

During mentoring sessions the student has an opportunity to explain the antecedent/ trigger which resulted in the behaviour/s that challenge. Strategies are then given for the young person to consider when developing their self-regulation and emotional intelligence. P5 will provide a further opportunity to develop social skills as we have group mentoring sessions to discuss an array of behaviours through documentaries, power points, activities and on occasion, professional workshops.

Finally, at the end of the placement the student will be reminded to utilise the tools we have provided them with and take the return to mainstream as an opportunity to fully embrace a fresh start.

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