To meet the needs of all pupils at the provision two learning groups were set up. One group focusses primarily on Maths and English from Entry Level 3 up to GCSE, for those who are able. The second learning group focusses on the pupils who are still very much new to English. This group has a higher ratio of staff and supports the learning of the more rudimentary literacy and numeracy skills. With this in mind, the provision is led by an experienced EAL maths and English teacher. Along with the day to day running of the provision, the lead teacher is responsible for the delivery of English and maths to all the students and, in addition to this, students are further supported by youth workers who also deliver some of the more practical programmes such as art, PSHE and food. When numbers increased, we hired another teaching assistant with experience in delivering phonics to further support for our new-to-English and early-acquisition learners of English. Along with the staff on site, RAP’s pastoral and welfare manager provides pastoral support for those that attend the provision and liaises with external agencies such as CAMHS, YOS and Social Care to provide a wrap-around pastoral support package to meet each individual student’s needs. The pastoral and welfare manager also attends all PEPs and professional meetings.